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Andrea Biondo goes for Mister Universal Ambassador 2016 on Friday September 30

Andrea Biondo goes for Mister Universal Ambassador 2016 on Friday September 30

Photos courtesy of Joy Arguil and GCI

ANDREA Tangonan Biondo, 23, will gun for the Mister Universal Ambassador 2016 title on September 30 at the pageant’s grand finals at Governoor Hall, Surabaya Carnival, East Java, Indonesia hoping to bring pride and honor for the Philippines.

Standing 5’11” with a well-sculpted physique, Andrea will vie along with 48 delegates worldwide for the coveted title currently held by Christian Ortiz of Puerto Rico.

The top winner of the inaugural Gentlemen of the Philippines Pageant held last July 31, Biondo was born in Vittoria, Sicily, Italy to Italian-German Emanuele Biondo and Emilie Maria Tangonan, a Filipina from Tarlac.

He is a graduate of a technical course in surveying at the Istituto Tecnico Per Geometri Rosario Gagliardi.

After winning as Mister Bachelor 2016 title in Italy, Andrea went to Manila to represent the Filipino community of southern Italy at the inaugural Gentlemen of the Philippines where he swept several subsidiary awards and eventually the coveted Gentlemen of the Philippines-Universal Ambassador title.

Before flying to Indonesia for the international tilt, Andrea also did several endorsements for several fashion brands as well as for White Meringue, the newest high-end retail outlet in City of Dreams Manila that sells signature brands and other hard-to-find items from Paris, Rome, Milan and other fashion capitals around the world.

Andrea has prepared long and hard for his competition in Indonesia, leaving nothing to chance as he vies for the coveted title alongside 48 other delegates worldwide, making the tilt one of the biggest, if not the biggest, male pageants by number of participants.

The team behind Gentlemen Charities Inc. made sure that all bases are covered – from wardrobe to talent to Heart of Ambassador Project (advocacy) to communication skills to fitness regimen to media interviews – for the entire package.

The contestants travelled to Bali for several challenges and competitions where Andrea stood out. He was a top 10 finalist for the speech competition, top 15 in swimwear and one of 5 selected to promote Bali Rani Hotel, the delegates’ official residence in Bali before they moved to Surabaya for the grand finals on Friday.

A very good-natured young man, Andrea vowed to do his best and conquer the global stage with the passion of an Italian, the heart of a Filipino, and the soul of a multi-racial dreamer.

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